U.S. Considers Deploying Soldiers for Exercises in Europe
The United States is considering deploying about 150 soldiers for military exercises to begin in Poland and Estonia in the next few weeks, a Western official said Saturday.

Hawks Bury Struggling Pacers in Game 1 of Series

The Pacers limped to the regular season finish line, and now they've picked up right again where they left off: losing.

Top Pakistani Journalist Wounded in Gun Attack
One of Pakistan's best known journalists was shot and wounded after he was ambushed in the port city of Karachi Saturday, international media reported.Hamid Mir, a presenter for private Pakistani news channel Geo TV, was shot three times but was in stable condition, the BBC reported.

Germans Spring Into Easter With Bonfire Tradition
People watch an Easter bonfire next to the river Elbe in Hamburg, Germany, on Saturday. The age-old tradition symbolizes the coming of spring and was believed to banish the evil spirits of winter.

'Coach For a Day' Claims Victory at Arkansas State

Nick Bhardwaj had never been to Arkansas before, but a winning auction bid gave him a chance to coach a squad in Arkansas State's spring game.

Families Furious at Captain of Capsized Ferry

Family members of the victims of a sunken South Korean ferry express their frustration at the captain who abandoned their loved ones as the ship sank.

Students Studying Abroad Prime Target for Spies

Some nations are recruiting American students studying abroad for espionage.

Wyoming Faces Mudslide Threat

A western Wyoming resort town faces a mudslide threat.

Boston Marathon Weekend Kicks Off

Two runners talk to NBC about why they decided to run the Boston 5K, the first public event of the Boston Marathon Weekend.

See Dramatic Mount Everest Avalanche Photos

Three Sherpas remain missing and 13 are dead following an avalanche on the mountain. Pictures capture the tragedy.

13 Bodies Recovered From Sunken Ferry: South Korean Officials
Thirteen more bodies were pulled from a sunken ferry off South Korea on Sunday, officials said, pushing the death toll to 46 but leaving more than 250 people still missing, most of them high school students on a trip.

Remains Found in Texas Lake Could Put Cold Case to Bed

A submerged pickup truck could solve the case of a missing woman who disappeared over 30 years ago.

Who Are Boko Haram? Extremists Escalate Nigeria Terror Campaign
A recent bomb blast that ripped apart a bus station in Nigeria's capital was a sign that a bloody al Qaeda-linked insurgency is intensifying, analysts say.

420 Denver Weed Rally Celebrates Legalization, Protests Restrictions
Denver?s first 420 Rally since Colorado?s legalization of marijuana is expected to be the largest yet ? but don?t expect attendees to light up in a joint celebration.


[OB-juhr-gayt] transitive verb. To express strong disapproval of. I don’t objurgate Wiener posting a picture of his cock, just that he didn’t use Instagram.

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Surrender talks set with separatists in Ukraine as standoff lasts into Easter
Angry relatives clash with police as Korea recovers more dead from ferry
Malaysian plane search in 44th day, sea bed scans could end in days
New militant group claims responsibility for Friday blast in Cairo
Social Security to resume benefits statement mailings
South Korea recovers first bodies from inside sunken ferry
Iran says it watered down, converted over 200 kg of enriched uranium
U.N. peace envoy criticizes Israeli Easter security in Jerusalem
Mediator heads to east Ukraine, seeking surrenders